Fan Smacks Beyonce’s Booty, Somehow Doesn’t Get Kicked Out (VIDEO)

At a Beyonce concert last night in Copenhagen, Denmark, one overzealous fan got a heck of a lot more than he paid for — and he somehow lived to tell the tale.

During a performance of “Irreplaceable,” Beyonce held the microphone out for fans in the front row to sing the “to the left, to the left” part of the song. One sex offender fan in the front row took this as an invitation to give her a hard smack on the booty as she walked away. It’s not clear why he thought it was an appropriate thing to do — you can’t even get away with that move at a strip club, let alone with a major star — but he did it anyhow. Maybe Beyonce’s butt really was just too bootylicious for him to handle.

Showing incredible restraint, Beyonce simply stopped the song, turned to the creep and said, “I will have you escorted out right now, all right?”

Incredibly (and unjustly), the man was reportedly allowed to remain at the concert. He’s lucky security didn’t deliver a beat-down on his own rear end that would put his ass smacking maneuver to shame.

This isn’t the first time fans in Europe have gotten a bit too hands-on with Beyonce. In April of this year, the singer had her hair pulled and face slapped as she walked through a hoard of fans in Serbia:

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