Watch This Reporter Get Hit by a Baseball, Keep on Reporting (VIDEO)

When you go to a baseball game, here’s a good rule of thumb: never take your eyes off of any moving ball (or bat for that matter). I’m a bit of a baseball glutton, so I’ve seen it a million times: that carefree and slightly clueless fan, eating a handful of Cracker Jack, completely unaware of the 95 mph foul ball targeting his or her face.

Baseballs don’t respect people — not even roving reporters like Fox Sports Wisconsin’s Sophia Minnaert. Minnaert was just doing her job when an attention-starved baseball decided it wanted a little camera time.

And she just kept on rolling.

I suppose if you’re Minnaert, you’re happy with a sweet position in the Fox Sports realm, but you’re also probably aiming for higher peaks in the sports journalism world. As we’re all aware, when you make your dough by being in the public eye, there’s really no such as thing as bad publicity. Especially if you get hit with a baseball, then promptly pick up your microphone to continue with your commentary. That’s about as pro as it gets.

But seriously, people, when you’re heading out to the old diamond to root, root, root for the home team, keep your head on a swivel — and never take your eyes off the ball.

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