Recipe: Camping Breakfast in a Bag and Bottle

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Scientists have never been able to figure out the reason behind the phenomenon (probably because they’ve never bothered to investigate), but food tastes way better when it’s cooked over a fire and eaten in the great outdoors. Don’t believe me, basement dwellers? Ask any camper. There’s something crazy magical about normal eggs and bacon grilled in a pan over an open flame.

Those brave enough to attempt gourmet cooking in the wilderness deserve all the credit in the world, but it’s also perfectly acceptable to play it a lot safer when you’re preparing breakfast for your camp. After all, there’s a good chance you’ll be feeling the effects of the substances you ingested the night before and won’t be in the mood to attempt a complex recipe.

That’s why this super simple recipe for a delicious camping breakfast is so great. It’s designed to allow you to get almost everything ready to go before you leave your house, so you can get up just slightly earlier than everyone else in your tent and still manage to have a hearty breakfast ready for them when they wake up.

What you need

  • Pancake mix (homemade is great, but store-bought is just fine)
  • Eggs
  • Bacon
  • Butter
  • Water
  • Paper bags
  • Metal pan
  • Squeeze-bottle (like an empty ketchup bottle or a sports water bottle)

Before you leave

Pack the eggs, bacon and butter in your cooler along with your beer. Gotta keep them cool.

Fill the plastic sports bottle about two-thirds full with dry pancake mix. Don’t add the water yet!

Final steps

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Line the bottom of the paper bags with bacon. Be generous. You don’t want to see any paper on the bottom when you look down into the bag. It’s a good idea to make sure the bacon reaches up the sides of the bag a bit, too.

Place the paper bags on a grill over the fire, like the picture to the right. Don’t worry — the paper won’t catch fire as long as you arranged the bacon properly. The fat in the bacon soaks the paper and prevents it from igniting.

Once the bacon has cooked a bit, crack an egg (or two) into each bag. Remove the bags from the grill when the eggs and bacon are cooked.

Next, add water to the dry pancake mix in your bottle. Fill it up the rest of the way to the top and then shake it up. Heat up some butter in a pan over the fire and then squeeze pancake-sized dollops of the wet pancake batter into the pan. Flip after a few minutes.

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Boom. Eggs, bacon and pancakes for breakfast in the wilderness. Try not to get too much jizz in your cargo shorts when you taste it and realize how delicious it is — it’s tough to do laundry when you’re camping.

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