Soccer Player Scores, Takes Shorts Off, Gets Red Card (VIDEO)

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

Removing your shirt after scoring a goal in soccer is punishable by a yellow card. Every player knows this, yet it’s still a common occurrence for players to be so overcome by happiness after scoring a big goal that they simply have to free their torso from the oppression of their thin, light, sweat-wicking shirts.

I’ve never completely understood why it happens, but I can accept that it’s not going to change.

Taking your shorts off after a goal is something completely different, though. I had never seen a player voluntarily “pants” himself until this morning, when I saw this glorious highlight video:

Meet Mario Djurovski, a player for Muangthong United F.C., a team in Thailand’s Premier League. After notching a goal for his team, Djurovski first looked like he was going to take the calm, professional, “I’ve been here before and I’ll be here again” approach to his goal celebration. Then, suddenly, nope. He whipped his shorts off, placed them on his head and stood in front of the fans in just his tighty-whities, gesturing toward his crotch.

Then the referee came over and gave him a red card (not a straight red, but his second yellow of the game) and sent him off.

It’s hard to imagine getting kicked off the pitch and the ensuing suspension he’s facing was worth showing his Hanes to the crowd for a few seconds, but maybe he was really, really excited about how much scrotal support he was getting from his new briefs and he just had to tell someone about it.

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