Charles Ramsey Given Free Burgers for Life, But Not From McDonald’s

Photo credit: Scott Shaw / Cleveland Plain Dealer

Photo credit: Scott Shaw / Cleveland Plain Dealer

Remember Charles Ramsey? He’s the awesome guy who helped rescue Amanda Berry and three other females from their captors in Cleveland, Ohio and then went on the news to launch the catchphrase/hashtag #dead giveaway, opine about white girls jumping into the arms of a big, black man and call Anderson Cooper a bro.

Oh, and he shouted out McDonald’s a bunch of times, too, because he was eating a Big Mac in the moments before he became a hero. And because why the hell not. He’s Charles Ramsey and he does stuff his own way.

After Ramsey’s famous shout-out, the official McDonald’s Twitter account posted this message:

Everyone immediately jumped to the conclusion that Ramsay was about to get himself free Big Macs for life.

The Ramsey burger Photo credit: Driftwood Restaurants

The Ramsey burger
Photo credit: Driftwood Restaurants

That didn’t happen, but it sounds like Ramsey won’t be short on burgers any time soon, after all. Though Mayor McCheese didn’t give him the keys to McDonaldland, more than a dozen Cleveland-area restaurants have reportedly stepped up for offer him free burgers for life.

Additionally, the restaurant where he worked as a dishwasher created a special burger in his honor: the Ramsey burger. Like a Big Mac, it’s a beef patty with special sauce on a sesame seed bun. The burger was originally going to be a week-long special, but it’s been so popular it was promoted to the regular menu.

Free burgers for life — you serious, bro?

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