This College Baseball Team Has Mastered the Art of the Videobomb (GIFs)

Meet the University of Cincinnati Bearcats baseball team. They didn’t exactly have a stellar season, finishing with a record of 24-32. They did excel in one very specific area, though: the post-game interview videobomb.

Members of this Bearcats squad have earned the title of videobombing gods thanks to all crazy and hilarious stunts they pulled off behind teammates while they were interviewed on Bearcats TV. These aren’t the kind of videobombs you pull off spontaneously — these would have taken planning.

Below is a collection of animated GIFs of the best gags pulled by the team. Try to watch them and not laugh. You won’t succeed.

There’s the time two players jousted — in full catcher armor — on the shoulders of their teammates:


They swam the front crawl and backstroke:



One time, a visiting emperor was carried and fanned by his servants:


And then there was the guy who was captured and tied to a stick, presumably so he could be roasted over a fire.


All images via Imgur.

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