Looking for a Super-Portable, Affordable Computer? Check Out These $100 Thumb Drive-Sized PCs

Looking for a portable computing solution but don’t have the cash to buy a new tablet or ultrabook computer? Then it’s worth checking out two new portable computing options from Dell and Devon IT. In effect, they’re $100 USB sticks that turn any HDMI-compatible display into a PC.

Photo via pcworld.com

Photo via pcworld.com

Dell’s “Project Ophelia” device costs $100 and plugs into the HDMI port on a computer monitor or high-definition television. Once the connection is made, Project Ophelia allows users to access Google’s popular Android mobile operating system.

From there, users can navigate their way to the Google Play store, where they can download a wide range of applications, including Angry Birds, Hulu and Netflix.

Recently, lesser-known tech firm Devon IT unveiled a very similar gadget. Called “Ceptor,” the device costs $99 and like Project Ophelia connects to an HDMI-compatible display or monitor. Unlike Project Ophelia, however, Ceptor runs a special version of the Linux operating system.

Both Project Ophelia and Ceptor come equipped with software that lets you access virtual desktops, meaning you can tap into your files and folders from anywhere.

According to Devon IT president Joe Makoid, the goal of Ceptor is to give people access to all of their data in the smallest, most portable package possible.

Ceptor “brings the data to the user when and where they need it,” Makoid said. “Most importantly, this…device is fully configurable and manageable, making it an ideal solution for companies and organizations worldwide with increasingly mobile and remote workforces.”

Both devices support WiFi and Bluetooth connections and should be available later this summer.

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