Final ‘Man of Steel’ Trailer Shows Superman Drowning in a Pile of Skulls (VIDEO)

The fourth and final trailer for Man of Steel, called “Fate of Your Planet,” just dropped and there’s no question that it’s a glimpse at the darkest version of Superman we’ve ever seen on the big screen.

Check it out:

The trailer begins with a voice-over from the film’s villain, General Zod, who seems to be demanding that the citizens of earth give up Superman or, you know, face destruction and all that stuff. The music — probably from Hans Zimmer’s score, but possibly just trailer music (like how the first Man of Steel trailer used music from The Lord of the Rings) — is ominous.

Then things get even darker. We finally get some good looks at Zod’s army, including the character of Faora, a “Kryptonian warrior,” who threatens to kill a million humans for every one Superman saves. Then a bunch of stuff blows up, Superman screams out in anguish and there’s this shot of him sinking into a pit of skulls:

Photo via YouTube

Photo credit: Warner Bro. Pictures

What’s the deal with all the skulls?

Man of Steel has a PG-13 label, so director Zack Snyder definitely had some leeway to push the limits a little. That doesn’t mean we’re going to see tons of gore and nudity, but it certainly appears that the days of a Superman film being bloodless are over. Then again, Superman Returns also got PG-13 and it didn’t have piles of human corpses — or a compelling script, or good acting, or really anything of value.

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