Kevin Durant Donates $1 Million to Oklahoma Tornado Relief Efforts

Photo credit: Jerome Miron / USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Jerome Miron / USA TODAY Sports

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have stepped up to contribute to the ongoing rescue and recovery efforts following yesterday’s devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma. If you can spare a few dollars, please consider texting REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

This afternoon, news emerged that one of Oklahoma’s favorite sons looked into his own pocketbook and decided he could afford to contribute a bit more than 10 bucks. Like, about $999,990 more.

According to the Red Cross, Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant has pledged a cool $1 million to the disaster relief efforts:

In Oklahoma’s biggest time of need, its biggest sports star just came through in a big, big way.

Frankly, did anyone expect anything less from Durant? He’s made it clear by his actions since he entered the NBA that he’s a class act of the highest order. He probably didn’t want his name attached to this donation, but it was simply impossible for the details not to emerge considering his celebrity status and the huge sum of money changing hands.

Even with Durant’s huge contract with the Thunder — his 2012-13 salary was over $16 million and it only goes up over the next few seasons until it hits $20 million in 2015-16 — it’s a staggeringly big donation. And, most importantly, it’s one that the Red Cross can immediately put to good use.

It’s been a horrific week for the state of Oklahoma, but it will rebound. With the help of not only Durant but also all the first responders and volunteers on the ground — and those who couldn’t quite match $1 million but gave what they could — the state will come back stronger than ever.

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2 Responses to Kevin Durant Donates $1 Million to Oklahoma Tornado Relief Efforts

  1. Although highly commendable, $1M from his foundation from a guy who not only is making $16M from the team, but well over that amount again in endorsements is really giving less than 3% of his annual income with that donation. That’s the same as a person making $40K a year giving $1K…not exactly a “massive” donation in true perspective.

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