Oops! Dude Butt Dials 9-1-1 During Car Burglary (AUDIO)

Photo via NY Daily News

Photo via NY Daily News

We’ve all been guilty of, or fallen victim to, the dreaded butt dial. It’s just one reason why locking the keypad is a good idea for cellphone and smartphone users.

Unfortunately, for two 20-year-old California dudes, locking the keypad wasn’t a consideration as they set out for an afternoon of mischief, which quickly turned into committing crimes.

According to Fresno police, the local 9-1-1 dispatch center was contacted by a despondent cellphone source. The 9-1-1 operator listened to the call as he was trained to do. He became quite intrigued when the discussion on the end became drug related.

“I just want to smoke weed so bad right now…” Yep. A couple of Einstein’s, these guys.

The dispatcher listened to the two young men wax philosophical for 40 minutes, and then their conversation became more pointed. They began using words such as “hammer” and “bolt,” while speaking on the topic of breaking into cars.

Soon after, the dispatcher allegedly heard them breaking the window of a car, followed by elation when one of the fellas found some prescriptions drugs: “They’re narcos! Yeeeah!”

Police were dispatched to the location, and after a few minutes, they were tailing the men — who still had an active call open with the 9-1-1 dispatcher. The two criminals went into panic mode when they realized the police were following them, then played dumb after they were pulled  over.

The vehicle was searched, stolen goods were recovered and the police officer spilled the beans. Shocked, the non-butt-dialing perp could only ask a question of clarification: “This fool really called 911? Damn.”

You can listen to some of the 9-1-1 call here:

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