So This Is What a PlayStation 4 Racing Game Will Look Like

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Evolution Studios, which is known for its MotorStorm franchise, has released new screenshots of DriveClub, the racing game it’s working on for the Sony PlayStation 4. As you can see below, so far the game looks stunning, making it hard not to get at least a little excited about the console’s fall release.

You might recognize the DriveClub name — after all, it was one of the games Sony announced at its big PlayStation 4 unveiling back in February.

Unlike MotorStorm, which put players in wild, even apocalytpic driving environments, DriveClub will be a realistic racing game. That said, it doesn’t look as though Evolution Studios is out to build a new Gran Turismo-style simulation franchise; instead, the game appears to resemble Microsoft Game Studios’ Project Gotham Racing series, which is a mix of simulation and arcade racing.

Evolution Studios says DriveClub will feature a wide variety of multiplayer options, including asynchronous play — meaning people will be able to seamlessly jump in and out of races with other people.

We still don’t know for sure when DriveClub will be released, but here’s hoping it’s available when the PlayStation 4 launches later this year.

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