Kai the Hitchhiker Might Have Killed an Old Man

Photo via mediabolik.com

Remember Kai, the homeless, hatchet-wielding hitchhiker who captured the hearts of Internet users back before any of us had heard of Charles Ramsey? It’s okay to say you don’t — Kai’s brief run of fame, which included an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, happened back in early February — decades ago, in Internet years.

Kai gained his notoriety after he helped save a California woman who was being attacked on the street by striking her attacker in the back of the head with a hatchet. Then, he gave one of the best interviews in the very rich history of local news interviews:

Now, months removed from his 15 minutes of fame, Kai is the primary suspect in a murder.

In retrospect, it doesn’t sound crazy that a guy who carries around a hatchet in his backpack might have killed someone.

Kai’s real name is Caleb Lawrence McGillvary. Police in New Jersey are looking for him after attorney Joe Galfy, 73, was found dead in his home on May 13. Galfy reportedly met up with Kai last Sunday and invited him back to his place. Kai, perhaps because he lives life on the road and had made it clear he’s always looking for a place to stay, allegedly accepted the offer.

Then, police allege, Kai beat Galfy to death.

On Tuesday, Kai posted the following message on his Facebook page:

Photo credit: Caleb Kai Lawrence Yodhehwawheh on Facebook


“We don’t know if he is in Philadelphia or Georgia,” a police official said of Kai’s whereabouts. “We just don’t know where he is, but we do know that this man is used to being on the road and he is considered armed and dangerous. Make no mistake about it.”

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