Style: From Hot Pockets to Lean Pockets

We can’t fault a guy for wanting a little extra bulk in the nether regions, but gentlemen… walking around in skinny jeans with a wallet the size of a Big Mac doesn’t look good unless your style icon is a certain red-haired, lip-stick-wearing giant named Ronald.

“But I have so much stuff to fit,” you say. Well, as we’re hopefully about to show you, you actually don’t. And, to further help you go from hot pockets to lean pockets, we’ve pulled together a few of our favorite carry pieces which will give you a lot of bang and no bulk for your buck.

The biggest piece of low-hanging fruit is your wallet, which, if you’re like most guys, is probably filled to the brim. Let’s address this.

The first step is to kill the clutter. All of those business cards you’ve accumulated? Shelve ’em. Your dog’s tooth? Gross. The break-in-case-of-emergency condom? OK, keep that (or abstain… kidding). Now that you’ve eliminated the non-essential, look at your remaining cards and see if any of them can be digitized. Good, we’re cruising.

Next up is wallet selection. Look down at your wallet. No duct tape, right? Good start. But if you’re really looking to take your wallet game to the next level, we’re big fans of Bellroy, an emerging brand out of Australia whose sole purpose is to slim your wallet. We have two favorites for everyday carry: the Card Sleeve and the Hide & Seek.

If you’re a minimalist and only need to carry two to six cards, go with the Card Sleeve, which has quick access slots in the front and back for your most-used cards, a pocket for folded bills and a pull tab for your less frequently used cards. Smart.

Bellroy Card Sleeve Wallet from Bellroy on Vimeo.

The Hide & Seek is one of our go-to recommendations for guys who need a little more room. Larger in size than the Card Sleeve, the Hide & Seek is loaded with tons of hidden pockets to help Houdini your clutter away, and it even comes with a hidden bill section for them Benajmins.

Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet from Bellroy on Vimeo.

If you carry a lot of gear in your pocket (pocket knives, pens, bottle openers, etc.), check out this Suspension Clip. It clips onto the top edge of your pocket, allowing anything clipped to remain suspended, which will keep your gear from getting tangled in a ball at the bottom of your pockets.

Have a Swiss Army knife? When was the last time you used the toothpick? Or any other tool that wasn’t the actual knife? Ditch the Swiss Army for the U.S. government-commissioned Carabiner Knife. It’s super low profile will sit flush with your pockets, and fits snug in your rarely used mini jeans pocket.

Given that we’re in the age of the smartphone, there’s less of a need now than ever before to carry a pen. But if you must, we like this micro Keychain Pen. It’s only three inches long and 3/16 of an inch in diameter, clips to your keychain and comes with an interchangeable stylus tip for iPads and iPhones.

All good stuff, but if you take away one thing from this post, it’s this: spend five minutes going through your wallet and pockets and throw out or shelve 50 percent of what you’re carrying. It’ll de-clutter your pockets — and probably your life, too.

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