Rolando McClain Cruises Into Retirement at the Tender, Young Age of 23

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Rolando McClain just thought about his life and said “f*ck it.”

Today, at the tender, young age of 23, he’s handing in his papers and cruising off into the world of retirement.

Of course, the cynical among us will say that the troubled former middle linebacker for the Oakland Raiders, drafted with the eighth overall pick of the 2010 NFL Draft, just couldn’t take the heat anymore and decided to cut his losses. He’s now been arrested and charged more times than one can count (seriously, go to his Wikipedia page and try to add up how many times he’s been apprehended by the five-oh — you’ll quickly lose count), with the most recent incident taking place back on April 21.

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McClain signed with the Baltimore Ravens after being cut by the Raiders this off-season, but his most recent arrest made it a virtual certainty the NFL would hand down a lengthy suspension. Then, the Ravens traded up in the draft to select linebacker Arthur Brown, making McClain expendable.

It’s now apparent that McClain isn’t quite as dumb as he’s been accused of being time and time again since he joined the league. He was able to see the writing on the wall in Baltimore and he took the easy road out, stepping away from the league for good.

So… what the heck does he do now? He’s just 23 years old. That’s a lot of life left to live. He made a few million in the NFL, but does anyone think he’s got enough cash to carry him through the rest of his life?

He’s going to have to find another job. Unfortunately, he probably can’t use the NFL as a reference on his resume. His on-field play in Oakland was often terrible and occasionally mediocre. All those arrests probably don’t make him very attractive to potential employers, either.

Maybe McClain can call up another former NFL player whose time in the league flamed out spectacularly fast and got crazy weird in the past week, former Lions receiver Titus Young. Perhaps the two of them can start up an odd jobs business or something.

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