Comedian Hires Skywriting Plane to Write “How Do I Land?” In the L.A. Sky

Photo credit: Eric Michael Pearson

Skywriting humor is a bit of a lost art.

For starters, it’s expensive as heck to hire a highly-trained pilot to take a plane up in the sky and write a message in exhaust. There’s also the matter of getting permission to do it — the government isn’t exactly a huge fan of planes flying near buildings in major cities these days, but there’s no point in writing messages out in the country. More importantly, the advent of social media has made it way easier to get your message out to the masses.

One Los Angeles-based comedian still believes in the power of skywriting, though. Kurt Braunohler, host of IFC’s improv game show Bunk, hired a skywriter to put this silly message in the L.A. sky yesterday:

Photo credit: Robyn Von Swank

Braunohler raised the money for the stunt on Kickstarter back in January, asking people to contribute to an “incredibly idiotic stunt.” A total of 257 people supported Kurt Braunohler’s Cloud Project, raising a total of $6,820.

Contributors were allowed to vote on the message written in the sky and “How do I land?” won. Other popular options included “Clouds 4 EVA,” “God’s Fartin’!” and “OMG I’m flying!”

He wrote on his Tumblr last evening that the message only stayed in the sky for about 20 minutes, but that he was still proud of actually making it happen.

Bravo, Braunohler.

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