‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Is Worth Your Hard-Earned Cash

Photo credit: Paramount

I love living in Los Angeles. I love it as much as many people love to hate it. Sure, this city pumps out some forgettable crap. However, with its next offering, the pinnacle of the Hollywood studio system, Paramount, and the present King of Tinseltown, J.J. Abrams, have put together a delicious morsel that you’ll surely want to see.

There’s an incomparable electricity experienced at movie premiers in this city. It’s only magnified when a (usually red, but this time grayish-silver) carpet is rolled onto Hollywood Boulevard to greet some of the film industry’s heaviest hitters.

Combine such an event with the legend, lore and legions of nerds associated with the Star Trek franchise, and you have the recipe for a mighty fine evening.

Here are a few things I took away from the Hollywood premier of Star Trek Into Darkness.

  1. The lady in charge of supplying an adoring and wildly receptive crowd to the arriving celebrities was certainly not a fan of mine. My posse considered the grip-and-grin media blitz optional and chose to hang by the port-a-potties enjoying our own conversation. Admittedly, I did get pretty excited when LeVar Burton showed up, and I couldn’t stop myself from breaking into the Reading Rainbow theme song. Unfortunately, our non-participation did not bode well, as we were eventually threatened with security measures.
  2. Microsoft hit the nail on the head for this weekend’s opening of Star Trek Into Darkness. The film introduces new viewers to the planet of Kronos and the Klingon race. Bing followed suit by presenting users with a stellar new translator option: 41 languages can be translated into Klingon.
  3. J.J. Abrams still loves the use of the lens flare, and I love him for loving it. He’s a man after my own heart. I laud him for shooting this on 35mm and 65mm film in IMAX format. It. Is. Stunning. Avoiding any potential spoilers, Abrams takes his storytelling skill set to the next level with this sci-fi effort. I’m usually not a fan of seeing things in 3D, but I genuinely enjoyed the format for this particular film.
  4. Santa Claus is going to get many letters from young men desiring Alice Eve for Christmas. She’s a charmer. She’s also probably going to make IMDb explode this weekend.
  5. Peter Weller co-starring in this flick was like the piece of pumpkin pie after Thanksgiving dinner. It made the overall experience one of satisfying completion.

Star Trek Into Darkness is a dandy. It is well paced, offering a consistently dark and resonant tone throughout. It never misses with appropriate comedic cues, and every star shines brightly on the dark canvas. Simply put, it kicks some serious space-traveling ass. It’s a must-see.

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