Did You See Matthew Perry’s Cringe-Worthy Rinkside Interview? (VIDEO)

Photo credit: NBC

Prepare for a kick in the balls.

No, not your balls. Matthew Perry’s balls.

If you love hockey, you’re probably familiar with many of the celebrities who share your love. Matt Perry is one of those individuals. He loves hockey. You might think his childhood in Ottawa, Canada would result in him being a lifelong Senators fan, but the Los Angeles Kings are his team. He travels to see the Kings play every game during the playoffs, and when he’s asked for a rinkside interview, he’s always happy to oblige.

Enter Dan Moriarty, a man who has interviewed hundreds of celebrities from the world of sports and entertainment. His paint-by-the-numbers interview style is always laden with potential awkwardness. And sometimes, when a cold front meets a warm front, Moriarty creates a perfect storm of WTF.

You see what happened there? Definitive WTF.

Props to Perry, who had to be confused as a mofo trying to follow Moriarty’s lead. Seriously, Dan? A big day? Congratulations are in order? His show was canceled! That’s akin to getting fired. I don’t even know where to begin with trying to understand that double-edged sword of a comment.

Why do I imagine all the dudes in the production truck laughing hysterically, because they told Moriarty, “Hey, congratulate him, his show was just picked up for another season.”

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