World Record Roller Coaster With 14 Loops Opens Next Week in England (PHOTOS)

Photo credit: Alpha / Landov

Ho. Lee. Crap. Look at this thing. It’s called the Smiler and it’s a new roller coaster set to open — and presumably begin causing cardiac arrest among those brave enough to ride it  — on May 23.

The downside? It’s located on the grounds of the Alton Towers amusement park in Staffordshire, England, so it’s a bit of a journey for Americans eager to test their pants-wetting resistance by riding it. Of course, that’s also an upside for those of us who can sleep easier at night knowing there’s an entire ocean between this menacing, twisted metal monster and us.

The specs:

  • 14 loops — the most of any roller coaster in the world (the previous record-holder has “only” 10)
  • Top speed of 52 miles per hour
  • Highest drop is 98 feet
  • Ride lasts for two minutes and 45 seconds
  • Cost more than $27 million to make

So, in other words, the specs are off the charts.

This isn’t a ride that’s designed to wow you with just specs, though. The designers say they took psychology into consideration and incorporated “five different mind effects” into the ride to “mess with your head.” For example, at one point in the ride, you’re made to feel like you’re about to be impaled by giant needles. There are also flashing lights (like the kind they use when interrogating terrorists) and hypnotic wheels. Fun!

Here’s a preview of what riding it will feel like. WARNING: this video contains some spoilers. (Yes, roller coaster video can have spoilers.)

And here are a few more shots of this thing, for good measure. This stuff is like terror porn.

Photo credit: Alpha / Landov

Photo credit: Alpha / Landov

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