Geno Smith Impresses at Rookie Camp – Is it Time to Trade or Cut Mark Sanchez?

Photo credit: Brad Penner / USA TODAY Sports

Geno Smith is rapidly gaining a fan base within the New York Jets franchise. The positive chatter has Jets fans excited. Mark Sanchez, on the other hand… well, we don’t really know how it makes Mark Sanchez feel, but he should probably feel like his days in a Jets uniform are numbered.

The Jets franchise spent last season in purgatory. It wasn’t a circus, as some have suggested. People enjoy going to the circus. The circus is entertaining. The Jets played last season at the gates of football hell. So, what better way to correct a disastrous course? Bring in a new captain.

The much-maligned Smith is precisely what the Jets needed to begin moving in a new direction. Sure, maybe he flows with a different vibe from the prototypical NFL athlete, but so does Arian Foster. With veteran David Garrard now on the Jets roster, Smith has a solid mentor and Sanchez has basically become trade bait.

The big question: will the Jets brass let all the quarterbacks on their roster truly compete for the starting job or will they wisely look to trade Sanchez now, ultimately allowing for significant salary cap relief? There’s no point of letting Sanchez suffer. The Jets need some help at wide receiver and it seems obvious they are moving forward at the quarterback position. If they moved forward immediately, they could easily afford a free agent, wide receiver  — someone like Titus Young.

Now, the question becomes whether any team in the NFL is willing to take a shot on Sanchez. For the Jets, the answer to that question might not be one they want to hear.

The Jets could also release Sanchez outright, but he has an awful lot of guaranteed money on his contract. Such a move would be a bitter pill for the Jets to swallow, but it’s one that they may ultimately have to endure.

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