This Is What Detroit’s RoboCop Statue Will Look Like (PHOTOS)

Detroit, a city that’s fallen on hard times in recent years, is about to turn things around in a big way — symbolically, at least. Leading the charge will be a 10-foot tall statue of one of the Motor City greatest heroes: RoboCop.

Confused? Back in 2011, a Twitter user contacted Detroit mayor Dave Bing and made a semi-serious suggestion that the character of RoboCop would make a “great ambassador” for the city. The film RoboCop, of course, was released in 1987 and was set in a crime-ridden version of Detroit from the near future — in other words, the Detroit that exists in the real world today.

Photo via Kickstarter

The suggestion sounds absurd at first, but it gets a little less ridiculous when you realize Philadelphia has a Rocky statue. Nonetheless, Mayor Bing rejected the suggestion.

That’s about when Kickstarter got involved. The people of the Internet loved the RoboCop statue idea and many were willing to contribute their own cash, via Kickstarter, to make it happen. The project, named “Detroit Needs A Statue of RoboCop” raised over $60,000.

Now, two years later, the statue is getting close to completion. The various pieces have been forged and joined together to create a 10-foot-tall replica of “the future of law enforcement.” All that’s left is the bronzing stage.

This is what it looks like:

Photo via Kickstarter

Photo via Kickstarter

Photo via Kickstarter

The statue is expected to be erected by mid-2014. The eventual location of the statue has yet to be determined, but several possible options have been identified.

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