Flying Cars Actually Exist, But Kind of Suck (VIDEOS)

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Flying cars exist!

After decades of waiting for the coolest promise of science fiction to become a reality, flying cars finally exist!

And they kinda suck.

Take the I-Tech Maverick SP, a supposed “flying car” that recently crashed into a fence and a tree near a Canadian elementary school.

According to news reports, the flying car — which is essentially a cross between a dune buggy and a parasailing rig, and looks nothing like George Jetson’s ride — came down hard Friday in Vernon, British Columbia.

Two people are reportedly hurt, and Canada’s Transportation Safety Board is now investigating (though the Maverick is considered both street legal and air legal by the FCC).

Even if a Maverick hadn’t just crashed in Canada, it’s not exactly the flying car we’ve been dreaming about for decades. Here it is in action:

Ho hum.

The trouble with present-day flying cars is that they’re basically just Frankensteinian mash-ups of existing modes of transportation, rather than a true car that can take to the skies with the push of a button.

Whereas the Maverick is basically just a parasailing go-kart, the Pal-V One is like a mini helicopter cross-bred with a tricycle:

And the Terrafugia Transition is like plane with foldy-uppy wings that still requires an airport for take-off and landing.

What we all want is something like this:

But for now, all we’ve got is stuff like this:

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