‘Arrested Development’ Season 4 Trailer Drops Tantalizing Hints (VIDEO)

We’re officially in the home stretch toward the long-awaited resurrection of Arrested Development now that a trailer for the show has emerged:

Fans of the show will recognize plenty of gags that will both trigger nostalgia and pique interest in new directions the show might be headed.

It opens with the dysfunctional Bluth family’s most functional member, Michael, burning his hand on the door of a cab as if it’s a malfunctioning Cornballer. Michael has apparently relocated to sweltering Phoenix, where he has launched the Michael Bluth Company (judging by a real estate sign seen in the background, behind an ominous vulture).

His son, George Michael, appears to be living in a college dormitory with his non-biological cousin Maeby, with whom George Michael has been smitten since childhood.

Other intriguing elements to be gleaned from the 90-second trailer:

  • Bluth matriarch Lucille appears to have a five-digit number patched onto her sweater — perhaps her inmate number at a prison?
  • Gob seems to still be living in the Bluth family model home, given how easily a faux countertop breaks
  • Crazed secretary Kitty is still in the picture, though at some point we’ll surely “say goodbye to these.”
  • Gob is still terrible at magic
  • Buster’s prosthetic hand/claw seems to be blinged out
  • The stair car is still around, so watch out for hop-ons

The new season, in which each episode will center around a certain member of the Bluth family, finally emerges on Netflix May 26.

By bringing back one of the funniest, cleverest, most criminally cut-short shows in television history, it seems Netflix has definitely unmade a huge mistake.

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