Hooters Offering Free Entrees to Moms on Mother’s Day

Photo Credit: Rodolfo Arpia / Shutterstock.com

Terrible husbands and odd children rejoice! Mother’s Day just got a whole lot better for you. You can take your wife/mom to Hooters on Sunday and potentially save 10 big ones (not that kind of big ones — money).

Hooters is giving moms (whose children are present) a free entree up to $10 in value. All mom has to do is order a drink, and the special is on.

No doubt, when it comes to Mother’s Day, all moms want to visit the home of the tight tank-topped, orange-shorted waitresses who have taken control-top hosiery to the next level! For the love of awesome, Hooters is a classy joint that has cleverly changed the appetizers menu to read (are you ready for it?) Hooterstizers!

Do you see what they did there? They combined “Hooters” with “appetizers.” Just genius stuff.

When it comes to freebies, moms will be able to choose from Hooters classics such as the Steamed Shrimp, Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, Shrimp Po Boy sandwich (which actually looks delicious) or even the world-famous More Than a Mouthful Burger.

Who knows, maybe this could be a win-win for dad (and/or horny teenage kids) who take their wife/mom to Hooters. She reluctantly goes. She enjoys the food. She wants to return frequently. Hey, it might be worth a try.

But seriously. Don’t take your wife/mom to Hooters for Mother’s Day.

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