Manti Te’o’s Imaginary Girlfriend Made the Maxim Hot 100 List

Photo credit: Maxim

In a move purely intended to generate publicity and remind us all that Maxim is still a thing (who the heck still buys paper magazines?!), Manti Te’o’s imaginary girlfriend has been named to Maxim’s Hot 100 list for 2013.

Lennay Kekua (that was her “name” — if something that doesn’t exist can have a name), grabbed the number 69 spot — obviously not a coincidence, and perhaps intended to rub in Te’o’s face the fact that he never got any real body parts rubbed in his face.

She actually ranks ahead of a bunch of living-and-breathing celebrities, including Zooey Deschanel, Aubrey Plaza, Allison Williams and Kat Dennings. Though her lack of existence really separates her from the rest of the pack, Kekua does actually have one thing in common with many of the women on the list: she doesn’t eat. (Hiyo!)

Inexplicably, Miley Cyrus took the top spot on the list. Really? Miley Cyrus is the hottest woman on the planet? Really?

Maybe I’m alone in not getting the Cyrus hype, but I’m not sure I’d prefer her to an imaginary girlfriend. For my money, all Cyrus has done since releasing that infectious “Party in the U.S.A.” song is chop off her hair and embark on a series of increasingly desperate (and skin-revealing) attempts to grab attention. And that accent… ugh.

Selena Gomez was number two (huh?), Rhianna number three (meh) and Mila Kunis number four (I guess I get it). Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton were totally robbed by being slotted at numbers five and eight, respectively. Is there a Kate Upton backlash no one told me about?

You can see the whole list here.

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