Weatherman Mocks Former NFL Star’s Adult Diapers Commercial (VIDEO)

Former Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle Tony Siragusa either really likes money or he really likes being able to pee in his pants without worrying about it leaking through. Either way, it amused this local weatherman.

Photo credit: Depend

Siragusa, or “Goose” as he’s known to most fans of the NFL, has been retired from the sport since 2001. He currently works as a sideline analyst for FOX NFL Sunday, but it appears that his regular gig isn’t paying enough to satisfy him, because he agreed (presumably without a gun held against his head) to star in a commercial for Depend Guards and Shields.

Basically, he’s in an adult diapers commercial.

You’re off the hook, Tom Brady. Your UGG boots commercial is no longer the most embarrassing product endorsement by an NFL player.

It’s pretty ridiculous to see such a huge brute of a man shilling for what are essentially maxi pads for men. Meteorologist Greg Dutra of KWQC in Davenport, Iowa sure couldn’t deal with it. He began last night’s weather report with a cheap shot at Siragusa and then lost it with a fit of giggles.

Although it’s a pretty lame joke, it’s hard not to join in the laughter.

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