Elisha Cuthbert Rolled Her Eyes at a Fan, Not the Goalie’s Wife (VIDEO)

The Boston Bruins beat the Toronto Maple Leafs in overtime last night, taking a 3-1 lead in their first-round playoff series, but all anyone’s talking about is the reaction of two of the Leafs players’ significant others’ after the goal.

The brunette in the front row of the video below is Leafs goalie James Reimer’s wife, April Reimer. The blonde in the back is Elisha Cuthbert, star of some crappy horror films and ABC’s sitcom Happy Endings. Cuthbert is dating Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf.

Both Leafs players were involved in the goal that lost the game. Phaneuf made an ill-advised decision to pinch in the offensive zone and it led to a two-on-one for the Bruins. Then, Reimer let in a very weak goal, ending the game.

Then, all hell broke loose on the internet because April Reimer and Elisha Cuthbert shared this look:

Here it is again, in GIF form, for you to analyze:

Image credit: CBC

So, is there some drama brewing between these two hockey WAGs? Cuthbert’s strong, rolling stinkeye seems to suggest that they aren’t exactly best friends. Are we going to see a fight break out off the ice when the Leafs inevitably lose the series?

Nope. It turns out that Reimer and Cuthbert are actually pals and the icy looks they gave each other were in response to a rude comment a fan sitting near them made after the game-losing goal.

Reimer tweeted this in response to the rumors of a feud:


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