10 Awesome Bootleg Movie Posters From Overseas (PHOTOS)

Photo via thingsihateaboutbackpacking.com

It’s no secret that bootleg movies are a major business overseas, where legitimate distribution of Hollywood products is lacking, demand for said products is high and, most importantly, enforcement of copyright law is essentially nonexistent.

Bootleg versions of mainstream movies — often shot by a camera on a tripod in a theater screening a legitimate print of the film — are widespread in many nations throughout Africa and Asia.

But when you’re the owner of a traveling movie business in a country like Ghana, how do you promote the bootleg movies you have playing at the moment? All you have in your inventory is a bootleg copy of the film; you’re lacking all the additional promotional materials (posters, etc.) that legitimate theater owners get from film distributors.

The solution? You can’t fire up Photoshop and print off a full-size poster — the tools to do that are rare. Instead, bootleggers often have to resort to painting their own posters. And the results are hilarious.

The people over at Awesome-Robo.com have compiled a large collection of bizarre bootleg movie posters from overseas. Some are faithful (if a bit derpy) recreations of the real posters. Others are a bizarre mix of imagery from the movie, and sometimes stuff that has nothing to do with the movie, that look like they were finger-painted by middle schoolers. More than a few seem to change the racial background of the movie’s star, for some crazy reason.

You can see the full collection here. Our 10 favorites are below:

(All images via awesome-robo.com)

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