Carnival Loser Sells Dreadlocked Banana to Recoup His Life Savings (VIDEO)

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Last week we shared with you the pathetic tale of Henry Gribbohm, a Massachusetts man who lost his entire life savings — roughly 2,600 bucks — playing a (possibly rigged) carnival game.

He didn’t come away empty-handed, though. He won a giant, stuffed Rasta banana that looked like a potassium-rich Bob Marley.

There was an important moral to be learned from Gribbohm’s ordeal: don’t be an idiot.

But it seems now that the moral of the tale may have to be revised, since the kindhearted people at College Humor have bailed Gribbohm out of his sticky predicament.

Last week, College Humor promised to purchase the banana from Gribbohm — for the full $2,600 he spent playing a throw-the-ball-in-the-bucket game called Tubs of Fun — if enough fans of the site “liked” a post about it on Facebook.

“We at College Humor decided that we need this thing,” they said of the banana, and fans of the site did the required clicking to make it happen.

So a couple of College Humor guys drove to New Hampshire, handed over the cash and walked away with what must now officially be the most expensive Rasta Banana on earth.

The new moral of the story: if you’re a huge idiot, tell the media about your colossal feat of idiocy because someone might bail you out and turn you into a semi-celebrity.

On a related note: human civilization is screwed.

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