Terrell Owens Gives Up NFL Career for Professional Bowling

Photo via bowl.com

Though he’d surely jump at the chance to once again lace up the cleats and catch passes (and probably drop a bunch of them, too) for an NFL team, it appears that Terrell Owens’ football career is over. Out of the NFL since 2010, no team is going to take a shot on the 39-year-old receiver. Even in his prime, it was debatable whether Owens and his team-destroying attitude were worth the headache all his head coaches had to deal with.

So, what does Terrell Owens do next? He certainly doesn’t retire to some small island to live off the $80 million he made (and reportedly spent) during his football playing days. That’s not the attention-seeking Owens’ style.

Reportedly, what he does next is join a bowling league. Not just any bowling league, however. Owens is trying to become a professional bowler.

Photo via bowl.com

Earlier this week, Owens made his pro ball rolling debut at the United States Bowling Congress Open Championships.

He reportedly bowled three games and scored 185, 129 and 161. Yep, he’s about as good at bowling as you and me on a good day.

“It’s all about repetition,” Owens said of the experience. “You’re only going to get out of it what you put in. I’m starting to get in a rhythm and starting to bowl a little more, so it’ll come in time. I just tried to focus on some of the things I’ve been taught and dialed in on that.”

Considering how much free time he’ll have now that his football days are behind him, there’s no reason why Owens can’t get the reps he thinks he needs to become an elite bowler. It’s probably only a matter of time before he calls out his rec league bowling team’s captain in the media, gets sent home by his coach and winds up doing sit-ups in his driveway while fielding questions from beat writers, too.

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