The Rock and Mark Wahlberg Are Getting an HBO Show Together

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It’s been less than a week since Pain & Gain hit theaters, but Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Mark Wahlberg are already planning their future together. Specifically, the two actors will join forces once again to star in an HBO show that’s being described as a “Miami version of Entourage.”

The Rock and Walhberg have collaborated on a number of television movie projects in recent years. They didn’t share too much screen time as cops in 2010’s The Other Guys, but they tore it up together as likable kidnappers in Pain & Gain and it’s clear that the two have great chemistry. Pain & Gain’s box office numbers have been very strong, so perhaps the time is right for the two stars to cash in (even more than they’ve already cashed in) with a major TV deal.

Little is known about the yet-unnamed HBO project beyond the fact that it will star The Rock and Wahlberg as retired athletes living in Miami (the same setting as Pain & Gain) and that episodes will be a half-hour long. Stephen Levinson (Entourage) will write the pilot and serve as executive producer. Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights) is slated to direct the pilot.

The Rock is certainly familiar with both the lifestyle of a former sports star and the city of Miami, having played college football for “The U.” What he hasn’t done since his WWE days is star on television, however. HBO is banking that his box office appeal will carry over to the small screen.

The Hollywood Reporter notes the series will begin shooting in fall 2013. It’s probably safe to expect it on HBO’s schedule sometime in 2014.

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