World’s Largest Scrotum is Now Back to Normal (VIDEO)

world's largest ballsack

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Until recently, Wesley Warren Jr.’s scrotum weighed roughly the same as the following:

  • An average female Great Dane
  • Former WWE Diva and George Clooney girlfriend Stacy Kiebler
  • 13 medium-weight bowling balls
  • Roughly 900 normal scrotums (scrota? scroti?)

But now, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Warren is roughly 132 pounds lighter thanks to a rare surgery that removed a huge quantity of fluid, which had turned his built-in manpurse into a rucksack.

Warren wasn’t particularly ballsy, but suffered from a condition called scrotal lymphedema. While it might seem like a fun bragging point to claim you’ve got the world’s largest scrotum, it was a pretty agonizing experience for Warren. He faced ridicule, couldn’t pee properly and had to wear an upside-down hoodie to cover his scrote in public.

Thanks to three expert surgeons and many hours on the operating table, Warren can now walk around without feeling like he’s wearing an oversized fannypack stuffed with hot water bottles.

The surgery was partly paid for through donations sent to a tremendous email address: (it’s kind of hard to believe that address wasn’t already taken!).

Of course, it would be insensitive and crass to poke fun at people afflicted with a serious medical condition like Warren’s.

That’s exactly why South Park did it:

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