Reporter: Chicago Blackhawks “Had a Tremendous Amount of Sex During the Season” (VIDEO)

The Chicago Blackhawks lifted the Stanley Cup as the NHL’s champions in 2010, but the team faltered in 2011 and again in 2012, losing in the first round of each season’s playoffs.

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The Blackhawks returned with a vengeance this year, posting a league-best regular season record of 36-7-5 and earning the top seed in the Western Conference playoffs (which got started with a 2-1 overtime win last night for the Blackhawks over the Minnesota Wild).

The team’s secret for success? According to one reporter, it’s because the Blackhawks players aren’t allowing themselves to be held back by the tons of sex they had all season long.

At least, that’s what Comcast SportsNet’s Susannah Collins accidentally said on television last night. Attempting to talk about how the Blackhawks’ regular season success wouldn’t lead to overconfidence in the playoffs, Collins slipped up in the most Freudian way possible and said this:

“The second season starts tonight and this Blackhawks team is ready. All season long, they have been saying that this is the season that matters. And, despite the fact that they had such a tremendous amount of sex… er… success during the regular season…”

It’s been a poorly kept secret in NHL circles that some of the young Blackhawks players really, really like to party (forward Patrick Kane in particular), but news of their penchant for getting down between the sheets would certainly be a revelation. There is no shortage of groupies available to pro hockey players — they’re called puck bunnies in the hockey world — but NHLers are typically a shy and unforthcoming bunch. Chances are even if the Blackhawks were having an inordinately high amount of sex, we wouldn’t hear about it.

Then again, maybe Collins has some inside information.

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