Yowza! WWE’s ‘Billionaire Princess’ is Gorgeous/Dangerous (VIDEO)

stephanie mcmahon pictures

Photo via WWE.com

Wrestling fans remember Stephanie McMahon as the “billionaire princess” — the snotty heiress to her daddy Vince’s “sports entertainment” empire.

Her on-screen persona was, in many ways, a souped-up caricature of her real personality (as all the best wrestling characters are).

Sure, WWE stretched the truth sometimes, like when Stephanie:

  • Got married, while drugged and unconscious, to Triple-H at a Las Vegas drive-through chapel
  • Was abducted and mock crucified in an bizarre betrothal ritual by The Undertaker
  • Faked a pregnancy for attention and sympathy

In real life, Stephanie did actually marry Triple-H, and both of them are now high-level executives in World Wrestling Entertainment. Their wedding was private, but did not, according to most accounts, involve a mock crucifixion. Stephanie has never, to our knowledge, faked a pregnancy, but she has given birth to three children.

Which brings us to the point. Look at Stephanie in the pics below, which turned up today on TMZ. Does this look like a wealthy corporate executive and mother of three?

stephanie mcmahon bikini

Photo via TMZ.com

stephanie mcmahon bikini

Photo via TMZ.com

Although her hubby is famous for attacking opponents with a sledgehammer, Stephanie makes it look much, much better.

And in case you think she works out just to maintain a ripped body, think again. She could also lay the smack down on your candy ass:

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