Someone Actually Scored With a Scorpion Kick in a Real Soccer Game (VIDEO)

Don’t let the fact that the goal in the above video occurred in the third division of the Turkish soccer league — and was apparently filmed on a pre-2000 cellphone — affect your opinion of its quality. It’s every bit as awesome as it appears to be.

Photo via YouTube

Sure, Turkish soccer isn’t exactly the highest level of the sport on the planet (it’s probably still better than MLS, though), but incredible athletic feats don’t always come from elite athletes. Frankly, an elite soccer player probably would have read that cross better and gotten into position for a simple volley.

Not blurry Turkish league player, though. That’s not his style. He’s more of a holy-crap-I’m-out-of-position-I-guess-I’ll-just-attempt-a-scorpion-kick-and-oh-my-god-it-actually-worked kind of guy. And then he grabs the ball and races back to the center line, as everyone around him stands in stunned amazement at what they just saw. What a baller.

Previously, Colombian goalkeeper Rene Higuita was best-known for executing (and possibly inventing) the scorpion kick. He did it against much better competition — the England men’s national team — but he did it in a game that didn’t matter and he didn’t score on the play:

Higuita may have to give up the title of Mr. Scorpion now. The YouTube description of the Turkish goal video says that the scorer’s name is Huseyin Akoglu and he plays for a team called Nazilli Belediyespor of the Aydın Province in Turkey’s Aegean Region. That probably doesn’t mean anything to you, but it could mean that Akoglu is soon playing in a league with a little more prominence than the Turkish third division.

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