Budweiser ‘Buddy Cup’ Sends Facebook Friend Requests

Budweiser has unveiled high-tech beer glasses that make it easier to connect with new people at the bar. Developed by Budweiser’s Brazilian team, the device is known as the “Buddy Cup.”

The Buddy Cup comes equipped with a built-in computer chip. The end result of building high-tech stuff into a beer glass? When two Buddy Cups are clinked together (as happens so often at the bar), the two boozers automatically exchange Facebook friend requests.

Photo via digitaltrends.com

To get started, Budweiser has Buddy Cup users scan a bar code on the bottom of the mug and then enter Facebook profile information. This links the Buddy Cup with a Facebook account.

Budweiser Brazil’s Manuel Rangel Machiavello says it’s all part of his company’s attempt to make drinking Budweiser beer a social experience.

“Budweiser loves to share in great times with our fans,” Machiavello said. “The Buddy Cup brings together the in-bar experience with Facebook, the most used social media channel for our consumers.”

Honestly, it sounds like the project could lead to serious problems. What’s the chance someone gets a hold of your Buddy Cup and then befriends you, just to access your personal information? Throw drinking alcohol into the mix and it seems inevitable that this one runs off the rails.

Nevertheless, Machiavello says Budweiser tested the project with positive results.

“We did a first pilot event here in Sao Paulo to test the prototype,” Machiavello said. “It was an instant success and we had the chance to register users’ reactions as well. Lots of friends were made that night. Based on the positive reactions, we are looking at taking this to bigger events in future.”

So, Buddy Cups: epic win or fail?

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