I Lost My Life Savings and All I Got Was This Giant Dreadlocked Banana (VIDEO)

man loses life savings at carnival

Photo via cbs.com

It’s hard to feel sorry for Henry Gribbohm, who recently lost the entirety of his life savings — about 2,600 bucks — on a carnival game.

For starters, it’s tough to pity people who are vanquished by their own stupidity.

Also, he didn’t exactly leave the carnival empty-handed. Check out the awesome stuffed, dreadlocked banana he won.

He may have lost a whackload of cash, but he gained a giant, yellow (and possibly stoned-out-of-his-peel) rasta-nana friend.

Instead of skulking home in shame and calling a family member for a loan, Gribbohm amazingly went to the New Hampshire media claiming he had been duped out of money by crooked carnies.

The saga began, he told reporters, when he spotted a snazzy new Xbox Kinect that he hoped to win from a game called Tubs of Fun, which requires players to toss bouncy balls into buckets.

Like all carnival games, it’s a lot harder than it looks. Rather than do the sensible thing after botching a few throws — chuckle, shrug and go ride Tilt-a-Whirl — Gribbohm kept playing, determined to win back his money, and the Xbox peripheral, with a series of increasingly dunderheaded double-or-nothing attempts.

The game was rigged, he insists.

“Ya think?!” responds anyone who’s ever been to a carnival.

While it’s unknown whether any sneaky tactics were used to surreptitiously make the game more difficult after Gribbohm’s successful practice throws, it has been known for more than a century that all carnival games look deceptively easy.

Gribbohm now realizes “it was foolish” to spend his life savings on the carnival game, which is an understatement of epic proportions. A little math reveals that he could have purchased 17 brand-new Xbox Kinects for the same amount of money he lost at the carnival.

But there’s a bright side. He now has a giant, yellow, smirking plush toy to remind him of a simple mantra to live by: never trust a carny.

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