Watch This Pitcher Almost Hit Himself With a Pitch (GIF)

Photo credit: Brad Mills / USA TODAY Sports

Wild pitches have been known to do some damage, but the victims are never the ones responsible for dishing out the carnage. Usually, it’s the batter who takes the brunt of an errant fastball. Occasionally, a catcher or ump gets hit in a sensitive area. If a pitch is really wild, maybe an unsuspecting fan gets a little something extra in his nachos.

It takes a special kind of wild pitch to lash out at the hand that dealt it. That’s exactly what happened in yesterday’s game between the Washington Nationals and Cincinnati Reds, though.

Nationals reliever Henry Rodriguez only pitched a third of an inning, but that was long enough for him to almost bean himself in the head with a wild pitch. Here’s how it all went down:

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And from a different angle:

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Rodriguez noticed the ball careening toward his head and managed to get out of the way at the last second, avoiding any potential damage. His line in the box score wasn’t quite so lucky: three walks and one earned run.

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