Ziggy Ansah Wore 3D Movie Glasses to the NFL Draft (PHOTO)

Photo via Reddit

Maybe he’s planning on adding another dimension to the Lions’ defense.

Ezekiel “Ziggy” Ansah isn’t your typical NFL Draft prospect. The 23-year-old native of Ghana, who the Detroit Lions selected with the fifth pick in last night’s first round, hadn’t even seen a football game until five years ago. If he hadn’t been cut by Brigham Young University’s basketball team, it’s likely he would have never given a thought to strapping on the pads and playing football.

In fact, the BYU coaches reported that they had to help Ansah put on his pads at first — in addition to teaching him all the rules of the game. As soon as he got the hang of things, however, he exploded. His natural athleticism and power were simply too much for opponents to handle. Though still extremely unpolished as a prospect, it was essentially a foregone conclusion that an NFL team would jump at the chance to select Ansah with an early pick in the draft and begin the process of molding him into a formidable pro.

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When he heard his name called last night, Ansah walked out onto the stage at Radio City Music Hall in New York City and embraced Roger Goodell like all the other selections. For some reason, though, he did it while wearing a pair of cheap, plastic glasses — the kind you get when you watch a 3D movie at the cinema.

NFL prospects are certainly not above making bold (and often regrettable) fashion statements at the draft, but this takes things to an entirely new level. Did someone play a prank on Ansah? Or maybe a teammate bet him that he wouldn’t do it — and made the payoff worth his while.

Whatever the reason, it made for a pretty weird moment for all the viewers at home who recognized that Ansah’s choice of eyewear wasn’t exactly conventional.

Let’s hope the Lions’ doctors thoroughly checked out his vision in the pre-draft medical screening process. He’ll look pretty weird if he wears those specs under his helmet this fall.

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