WATCH: Justin Pugh Gets Mobbed By Friends After Giants Draft Him (VIDEO)

Photo via YouTube

The NFL only invites a select number of prospects to the draft in New York City, which means that most of the young men who will have their lives forever changed this weekend get to experience it from the comfort of their home, surrounded by their friends and family.

Justin Pugh, the Syracuse offensive linemen selected by the New York Giants with the 19th pick in last night’s first round, was never considered a top prospect in the draft and was never a candidate to throw on a flashy suit and make the trip to Radio City Music Hall. The Giants liked him enough to make him a first-rounder (an early run that saw many offensive lineman go off the board certainly helped push his stock up), however, so he got a phone call earlier than he probably expected.

The video below shows just how emotional it can be for a player to get the call from a team, informing him that he’s about to become a millionaire and realize the dreams that he probably formed when he was a child playing Pop Warner football. Pugh holds it together very well throughout his brief chat with the Giants’ front office, but the room explodes in celebration as soon as he hangs up. It’s a very special moment and it’s really cool to get an inside look at it.

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