WATCH: Beer Drone Delivers Booze From Above (VIDEO)

oppikoppi beer drone

Photo via YouTube

There’s so much hubbub and fear surrounding unmanned drones these days, it’s nice to finally see a bit of good news about unmanned aircraft.

Meet the OppiKoppi Drone, the single most agreeable use for drone technology we’ve seen thus far.

It doesn’t spy on us. It doesn’t fly reconnaissance missions over evildoer nations. It will simply deliver cold, refreshing, liver-pummeling beer to concert goers at South Africa’s OppiKoppi Festival. A noble profession for a flying robot.

Check it out:

If all goes according to plan, attendees of the early-August festival will make drink orders on their smartphones, the the copter will fly overhead and drop a can of beer, which will float gracefully into the waiting hands of a thirsty reveler.

It would seem, however, that the concept could be fraught with problems. For starters, previous drone delivery systems — the tacocopter, for instance, or the burrito bomber — have so far failed to launch, largely due to FAA regulations.

district 9 oppikoppi

Photo via

But perhaps aviation rules are a little more lax at in South Africa? After all, the OppiKoppi Festival will happen in “District 9,” which is where a giant spaceship hovered for the entirety of a movie by the same name.

Delivering beer to thirsty concertgoers via parachute seems like it could go awry very quickly. Wouldn’t the sight of a refreshing beer falling from heaven during a festival under the hot South African sun incite, you know, utter chaos?

For that matter, wouldn’t it be far simpler, cheaper, faster and to just walk up to a bar and order a brew?

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