NFL Draft Prank Shows Fans Raving About Players Who Don’t Exist (VIDEO)

nfl draft 2013 kimmel

Photo via YouTube

Earlier this week we shared Jimmy Kimmel’s ingenious prank that duped hipsters at Coachella into raving about bands so obscure they don’t even exist.

Taking the cue from Kimmel, a reporter from Football Nation headed to Radio City Music Hall to test the knowledge of fans lining up to buy tickets for the 2013 NFL Draft.

Kimmel wasn’t the first comedian to pull such a prank — which capitalizes on the innate need of people, especially “insider” fans of a particular genre, to appear infallibly knowledgable —  and Football Nation’s Bill Enright certainly won’t be the last.

But it’s a funny gag, and Enright adds some funny new twists that keep things fresh. Most notably, the names he came up with for some of the fictional “top college prospects” were preposterous, especially when spoken aloud: Mike Hawke, Buster Highman, Curvin Johnson, Neil Antblo.

Why anyone would actually want to pay money to attend something as procedural and bereft of action as the NFL Draft is one of the great mysteries of sports. Perhaps this prank provides and answer: those fans aren’t terribly clever.

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