The Hyundai ‘Suicide’ Commercial and Other Adventures in Tasteless Advertising (VIDEO)

suicide hyundai commercial

Photo via YouTube

Somebody in Hyundai’s advertising company, Innocean, is probably looking for a new job right now.

Perhaps everyone involved with a new Hyundai commercial is suddenly unemployed.

That would seem a reasonable response to the controversial ad for the new “zero emission” Hyundai ix35.

To demonstrate the cleanliness of the car’s exhaust, Innocean’s crackerjack team came up with the idea of depicting a depressed man failing to commit suicide in his garage by affixing a hose to his tailpipe.

Understandably, this has sparked some outrage. The most vocal and poignant outrage came from Holly Brockwell, whose father killed himself in the very same manner depicted in the commercial.

“I felt just sick,” she wrote in an open letter to Hyundai and Innocean. “I felt empty. And I wanted my dad.”

Way to go, Hyundai. Your car’s exhaust might be clean, but your advertisement for it is noxious.

Hyundai and Innocean are hardly the first offenders in this regard, though. In trying to be edgy and creative, advertisers often cross the line into terrible taste.

Here are a few more that should never have been green-lighted.

Tibet is suffering… but taste that curry!

Smash that baby!


The talking vagina

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