Draw Something 2: The Sequel Nobody Is Drawn To

draw something 2

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Remember Draw Something? The hugely popular, infuriatingly addictive Pictionary adaptation for smartphones that you played obsessively with all your friends?

Remember the following week, when you couldn’t be bothered to draw yet another picture, or try to guess what your visually illiterate friends were attempting to scrawl?

Remember the week after that, when you deleted Draw Something from your phone or tablet because the mere thought of drawing “eggplant” or “timezone” for yet another casual acquaintance from high school made you nauseous?

Well, get ready to re-live that whole three-week roller coaster ride, because Draw Something 2 has just hit the App Store.

Maybe it will be a hit. Maybe it will recapture that lightning-in-a-bottle allure that made it one of the most successful app launches of all time and led to the $180-million purchase of developer OMGPOP by Zynga.

But it seems unlikely. Sure, there are some cool new drawing tools. Sure, there are 5,000 new words. Sure, it’s free (or $2.99 for a version without pesky advertising). And sure, the majority of the 82 reviews posted on iTunes at the moment are positive.

But it seems like a long-shot that gazillions of people will be drawn to a game that, despite all its tweaks and upgrades,

feels so…. so…. 2012.

draw something burnout

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