The Only Person Who Could Make You Hate King Joffrey More: Joffrey Bieber (PHOTOS)

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The actor who plays King Joffrey Baratheon on HBO’s Game of Thrones, 20-year-old Jack Gleeson, does such a good job of being easy to hate that some have openly speculated that he might not be safe in public.

Gleeson is Joffrey — to the extent that he’s almost certainly going to have a hard time being taken seriously in any other roles in the future and he’d be wise to watch his back, lest he be attacked by a fan who’s temporarily unable to separate the real-life actor from the character he portrays.

Every detail about Gleeson’s Joffrey makes you want to wring his neck, from his smug (and highly punchable) face to his penchant for torturing prostitutes to his cowardice in times of war.

Unlike so many “love to hate him” villains in the history of television, like Lost’s Ben Linus or The Wire’s Marlo Stanfield, there’s very little pleasure in hating Joffrey. Those other characters have elements of anti-hero appeal. In Joffrey’s case, there’s none of that. The only pleasure that comes from seeing his face on your television screen comes from daydreaming about the day when we all get to watch him suffer the excruciatingly painful death he deserves. It better happen (as a non-reader of the books, I have no inside information about when or if it will). If not, a lot of HBO subscribers will riot.

Though most would agree Gleeson was perfectly cast in the role of Joffrey, a recent development on Tumblr has drawn that notion into question. It turns out that there’s another real-life human who is even easier to hate as Joffrey than Gleeson: The Biebs.

Take a step back from your monitor (you don’t want to punch a hole in it) and check out these photos of Justin Bieber as Joffrey Baratheon, taken from the awful, awful people behind Let the hate inside you burn.

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