Burger King Expands Kingdom via Delivery in L.A., Chicago and San Francisco

Photo via Chicago Tribune

Is fast food delivery Burger King’s answer to the new menu items being rolled out by Wendy’s and the true burger king, McDonald’s?

It looked like Burger King was upping the ante in regards to spending advertising dollars, but now I’m thinking the King blew his wad when he contracted Salma Hayek, David Beckham, Jay Leno and Mary J. Blige to star in some well-executed, yet probably overpriced commercials.

Have you seen any Burger King commercials since Beckham ordered that Strawberry-Banahnah Smoothie? Exactly. But I see what the savvy King was thinking. International football (soccer) superstar, cute Mexican actress, black female R&B star and a well-known, white talk show host: the King was working those demographics — expanding his kingdom.

I’m not sure if the 2012 BK Delivers campaign was part of this one-and-done advertising blitz, but apparently it has been successful enough that the King has expanded delivery availability to Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco.

Since I live in Greater Los Angeles, I’m just gonna order from the King’s delivery to see how this works and then share my experience with you all, right here and now.

That bacon sundae is pretty amazing, but I don’t think it’ll survive transport. The smoothie Beckham was peddling also seems like something I’d need to order over the counter. Hmmm. Fries? Probably rubbery by the time they get to me. O.K. I’ll go with a classic Whopper. Wait. Sorry. No, I won’t. According to BKDelivers.com the King delivers to my zip code, but won’t deliver to my residence.

Thanks, King. Thanks for nothing.

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