Gladiator-Thong-Scooter Fight Is Obvious Viral Marketing, But Still Worth a Watch (VIDEO)

How do I know the above video, which inexplicably features two women fighting (one of whom has her red dress ripped off, revealing a black bra and thong underneath), a guy dressed in a Roman gladiator costume and a scooter is viral marketing? Allow me to count the ways.

Photo via YouTube

First, the video was uploaded today by a YouTube user (ale egro) who had never uploaded any previous videos. Second, comments are disabled for the video (which prevents people like me from posting “FAKE!”). Third, dresses don’t rip off that easily unless they have been rigged up to do so. Fourth, dudes in gladiator costumes in broad daylight aren’t a thing.

Fifth, and most importantly, the camera lingers on a shiny, new-looking Vespa-like scooter for almost the entire length of the commercial (which clocks in at an extremely commercial-like ~30 seconds). The only time the camera moves is to pan over — for no apparent reason — to a large McDonald’s sign.

This is viral marketing people. We’re either being sold scooters or burgers or maybe crappy Halloween costumes.

It’s still worth a watch, however. This is a video of a woman getting her dress ripped off in a fight! There’s a dude dressed in a goofy costume! I’ll gladly look at a electric scooter for a few seconds if there’s a thong-and-costume-related payoff.

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2 Responses to Gladiator-Thong-Scooter Fight Is Obvious Viral Marketing, But Still Worth a Watch (VIDEO)

  1. You forgot to mention that at the very beginning the camera is facing toward the ground and then pans up past some plants and onto this scene. That’s a video camera, not a phone recording, which is unlikely in this day and age, unless the camera person just happened to be taping some bugs on the lawn and then heard a noise and decided to bring the camera up to film whatever was going on without watching for a bit first.

    Very staged looking. And where’s the sound? When was the last time you saw an amateur video on youtube that didn’t have crappy sound?

    • OK so I’m dumb because my sound got messed up and I couldn’t hear anything through my headset. Still staged 🙂