‘DodgeBall’ Sequel Moves Forward: Ben Stiller Taps a Writer

Photo credit: 20th Century Fox

It’s been a decade since DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story was pushed into production. Since the release of the film in 2004, and the film’s ascension to cult classic status, there’s been industry and fan chatter about a potential sequel. The only thing that’s materialized, however, were a few jokes about when (if ever) it would happen.

Now, it looks like it really is going to happen.

Ben Stiller and Stuart Cornfeld have hired writing vet Clay Tarver to take a story idea and work it into a worthwhile sequel. The project will be done with 20th Century Fox, and it is rumored that much of the original cast will return. The sequel will reportedly feature Stiller and Vince Vaughn. However, it won’t be a rematch of the Average Joes and Purple Cobras, but rather a joining of forces to take on a mutually disdained, formidable foe.

Not to go overboard, but this might very well be the greatest teaming of opponents since Apollo Creed trained Rocky Balboa to take down Clubber Lang after Mickey “Mick” Goodmill died in 1982’s Rocky III.

The DodgeBall sequel holds some serious potential if they can lock in Alan Tudyk to reemerge as “Steve the Pirate,” and especially if they can score another cameo from tarnished American underdog Lance Armstrong. O.K., probably not gonna happen, but I’d definitely take the addition of someone like Ricky Gervais to coach the new team.

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