Robin Van Persie Scored an Obscene Volley Goal, Man U Won Another Championship (VIDEO)

Robin van Persie’s 27th goal in what has been a truly remarkable season for the Dutch striker was unquestionably his best of the season — and perhaps the best of his career. In the 13th minute of last night’s match between van Persie’s Manchester United and Aston Villa, Wayne Rooney launched a beautiful, arching pass from behind the center line. Rather than letting it settle at his feet at the edge of the 18-yard box, van Persie casually volleyed it into the back of the net, at nearly full speed on the run, with his left foot.

Here it is again, in GIF form:

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There aren’t many words that can adequately describe a goal like this. Obscene is one. Filthy is another. It was the kind of athletic feat that few who’ve ever laced up the boots can even dream of accomplishing.

RVP added two more goals in the first half alone, but the first was all Manchester United needed to wrap up a 3-0 victory and clinch the club’s 20th league title — and 13th Premier League championship. With four games remaining on the schedule, Man U’s 16-point lead over last year’s champions, Manchester City, cannot be assailed.

Manager Alex Ferguson becomes the most successful manager in the history of British football, winning his 49th club trophy since he started out as a manager for East Stirling back in 1974.

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