4 Reasons You Should Never Use Your iPad as a Camera

The iPad has a built-in camera. Lots of tablets do.

Never ever use them, except in the privacy of your own home. Even then, don’t you have a real camera, or a phone made after 1999?

Using a tablet as a camera is like using a beach towel as toilet paper. It’s too big, not meant for that purpose and generally off-putting to the people around you.

The iPad is not an acceptable camera. Here’s why.

4. It fills your field of vision with a crappy digital replica of the beautiful thing you should just stare at

tablet photography

Photo via pcworld.idg.com.au

3. You look ridiculous

ipad photography fail

Photo via cheezburger.com

2. The people sitting behind you don’t want to stare at your damned iPad

ipad is not a camera

Photo via ipadisnotacamera.com

1. It’s a big, expensive target for errant projectiles

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