Symphony of Dives: The NBA’s Worst Floppers Outed in New Video

Saying that players who dive, fake injury or otherwise attempt to deceive league officials into believing they have been fouled have “no place in our game,” the NBA instituted new rules for the 2012-2013 season aimed at eliminating the “flop” from basketball. Players who pretended to be fouled or otherwise harmed would first receive a warning and then a series of rapidly escalating fines.

Photo credit: Soobum Im / USA TODAY Sports

So, did the new rules work? Watch the video above and decide for yourself. Though many hardcore NBA fans argue that flopping is down across the board, this season has still had more than a few doozies — we’re talking dives that would make an Italian soccer player jealous — and the guys over at Slate edited them all together, along with some very appropriate music, into one big symphony of dives.

As of last week, 19 NBA players had been penalized under the new rules, for a total of 24 infractions. Five “elite” floppers were each fined $25,000 for soccering it up to a degree far beyond their peers. If the video above goes viral and its stars are finally shamed to the degree their ridiculous mock victimization deserves, those figures could all decrease dramatically next year.

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